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With no contrary mention, pictures and videos belong to PharmaPact®.



Editorial content
Any complete or part reproduction of texts that are published on the website is not subject to a prior authorization. However, this use must explicitly and compulsorily mention the reference to PharmaPact®, as well as the url of the site which is the source of the article.
The users of editorial contents of the website shall inform the Communication Direction on the use made with it.

Photos, fixed or animated pictures
Photos, fixed and animated pictures, cannot be reproduced without prior authorization requested to the Communication Direction. The request shall precise the reproduction support and its way of distribution. Photos and pictures that are used after authorization shall mention the copyright to PharmaPact® or that noticed by the Communication Direction at the time of the authorization.
Reproduction of editorial contents, photos or pictures in a commercial or advertising aim is not authorized.

The links that are related to the home page or another page of the website can be made without prior authorization. In this case the explicit mention of the link "Website of PharmaPact®" will be added so as to inform the internet user on this link.
This tacit authorization is not valid for websites which would have a commercial or advertising aim and would promote the link to PharmaPact®. It does not concern either internet websites that carry information with illicit, violent, polemical, pornographic, xenophobic nature or likely to harm feelings of most people.
Links to documents
It is advised not to directly point to downloadable documents of the website (brochures, forms...) but to point to the pages where they are carried. 
PharmaPact® shall not be liable for any improper use that could be made with editorial contents, photos, pictures, links or documents out of the websites for which it is the publisher.

Treatment of personal data
In accordance with the law on Data Protection, you have the right to access information about you held by the Publisher, to rectify, modify and remove such information. You can contact us for this purpose through our online contact form or with a letter sent by post to the PharmaPact® headquarters.
Contact forms
The contacts of website are managed through digital forms. This information is intended to recipient departments of the mail and in the sole aim to answer to the request.
No archiving is made with the data.